By Deborah Fulsang

This is the number of new fragrances that were launched in 2012, according to expert Michael Edwards in the latest edition of his scent bible, Fragrances of the World.

That’s more than 10 times the number of new spritzes that hit the market 20 years before, and more than triple the bottles compared to just a decade ago.

“We tracked 1,330 new fragrances in 2012, up from 1,220 in 2011,” the publication’s general manager, Margaret Khoury, told retail travel journal, TR Business. “While the volume of launches shows no sign of slowing, we are seeing brands being more resourceful. They are capitalising on formulae modifications—eaux de parfums, eaux de toilettes, elixirs and the like—to enhance the success of a current fragrance, with perfume collections gaining ground in certain markets.”

Of the total 1,330, Edwards breaks the numbers down to 52 new celebrity scents, 841 women’s, 307 men’s, 182 unisex, 206 limited-edition spritzes, 253 flankers and 331 niche scents.

Relative to 2011, these results represent a jump of 9% in new launches.

Edwards’ 29th Edition of Fragrances of the World, $210, www.fragrancesoftheworld.com 

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