3 fragrance apps to help you find a new favourite scent

3 fragrance apps to help you find a new favourite scent

By Sarah Feldman

If, like many women, you’re faithful to a decades-old fragrance, you may have a case of FSF – or “fragrance shopping frustration.” No need to worry: You’re far from alone. Unlike the realm of colour cosmetics, where unseemly shades can be ruled out at a single glance, the “spray-and-sniff” method remains the gold standard of fragrance testing – which means you either leave the perfume aisle smelling like a confusing concoction of patchouli, amber and cotton candy, or you test one too few scents and leave the perfect fragrance sitting on the shelf.

The cure for FSF, however, could be but a tap-and-a-click away, easily found in your smartphone’s app store. These fragrance apps categorize thousands of perfumes by note, brand and rating, which means it’s time to toss that body mist on your dresser that’s been gathering dust since 2003.

iPerfumer touts itself as the “perfect pocket guide to the world of perfume,” and after testing the application ourselves, we can’t help but agree. Try the user-friendly’s app’s “Scent Finder” to filter perfumes by note or fragrance family, and you’ll find a scent with that lovely bergamot-cum-neroli note combination you love in no time at all. Trendsetters can peruse the app’s “Recent Launches” list while reluctant buyers can comb through “Top Rated” recommendations from the iPerfumer community. (For iPad and iPhone).


The Fragrance
While this app boasts a smaller directory of fragrances than iPerfumer, The Fragrance allows the user to sift through scents alphabetically, email perfume recommendations to friends, visit brands’ websites with the touch of a button, and watch relevant videos – all through the app, no technological know-how required. If you already know a fair bit about perfume, The Fragrance is a great means of whittling down the options or learning more about your favourite scents. (For iPad and iPhone).






Makeup Alley
This app is where afternoons go to die. Makeup Alley is a community-based app where members can read and submit ratings and reviews for over two million beauty products – including virtually every perfume in existence today. Simply search for the fragrance you’re looking for, and learn why some people consider Chanel No. 5 an “extreme migraine trigger” or “a classic for a reason.” Use the app to locate vendors, view top rated scents by category and contribute to online message boards. (For iPad, iPhone and Android).

So say sayoñara to FSF. With these apps on your smartphone, you’ll be perusing the perfume aisle with confidence in no time at all.

PHOTO: Fragrance-themed on the go via a Chanelified iPhone case, www.casecoat.com 
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