A new Tiffany perfume to covet

A new Tiffany perfume to covet

Like a simple piece of Tiffany & Co. jewellery elevates one’s everyday style, so too will its new perfume.

It’s always a pleasure receiving a chic blue package in that immediately identifiable Tiffany blue. So imagine our delight when a little blue box arrived and inside, a brand new Tiffany perfume! And that fragrance, it turns out, is a great distillation of the iconic 180-year-old brand.

The perfume

Created by Daniela Andrier (Givauden), the new Tiffany perfume is described as a floral musk. Notes of mandarin, iris, patchouli and musk make up the scent. It’s a fresh, bright and soft floral that leans more towards a your-skin-but-better vibe than a flower-power one. Just as Tiffany attempts to elevate the every day with sleek and simple—but stunning—jewellery, this is a fragrance that has the same effect.

Iris is the star ingredient, which makes sense, given the brand’s relationship to the flower. Sketches of the iris are found in the Tiffany archives and in 1900, Tiffany earned the grand prize at the Paris Exposition for a spectacular iris brooch set with garnet and sapphire blossoms.

Tiffany Fragrance, $150 (75 ml), www.tiffany.com

The bottle

The glass bottle for the new Tiffany perfume brings to mind a beautifully cut diamond. No surprise there as the inspiration for the packaging was indeed a Tiffany diamond, with its clean, faceted sides and geometric lines.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Tiffany without that touch of blue, and so the perfume bottle’s cap sits atop of an elegant blue neck.

The advertising

Photographer Steven Meisel shot the campaign, and the images are close-ups of the points of the body where one traditionally spritzes their perfume: the neck, the wrists. The campaign’s star models —Vittoria Ceretti, Julia Nobis, Achok Majak and Georgina Grenville—are adorned with Tiffany diamonds. Overall, the simplicity of the photography runs perfectly in sync with our initial, fresh and clean impression of the scent.

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