A reader asks; Dear Rose answers

A reader asks; Dear Rose answers

Since we like nothing better than to share our love of fragrance, we were thrilled to be able to help a reader last week when she wrote us:

Dear Rose; I really need your sagacity on this one.
We’re visiting family in Europe next week and I asked my cousin’s son to have a sneak into his mother’s medicine chest so I could bring her a fragrance she would like. He told me she likes Chanel No.5 and also something called Spellbound by Estée Lauder, because ‘she doesn’t wear perfume to work so she likes to at night.’
I had a sniff of Spellbound and it’s so very ’80s. It’s sort of sweet, sort of spicy, almost Christmassy in places. Do you know it?
So far I am thinking she might like Lauder Sensuous Nude, [Lancome] Trésor Midnight Rose and Gucci Guilty Black. Thoughts?
Please help!!!!!”
—Desperately Seeking Scent Suggestions

Dearest Desperately Seeking Scent Suggestions;
Of course we would love to help, especially since you’ve used the word “sagacity” so beautifully.

Obviously your cousin likes her classics, and something with a bit of punch too!

I’m thinking she would like Chanel Coco Noir—not the least because she loves the aura of the Chanel name. Am thinking the spice of that one will give her the oriental flavour that she’s drawn to in Spellbound.

Have you sniffed the new Issey Miyake Absolue? It’s in a gold bottle and it’s very plush and rich for a Miyake scent. There’s ylang-ylang (think sunny and honey) which I believe your cousin will enjoy given that No.5 also shares that ingredient. Plus its elegant and minimal packaging will no doubt appeal.

And did I mention the new Carven Le Parfum? It’s sophisticated and feminine but modern and sexy too, with that ylang-ylang again and jasmine too (both are renowned in No.5) as well as fresh floral notes and moody patchouli. She’ll love it.

The new Roberto Cavalli and the YSL Opium (new slightly lighter ones) I think would likely suit her tastes too. Florientals…

But I also think your notion of Lauder Sensuous Nude and the Trésor Rose would be solid selections.

Thanks for writing. Happy travels and spritzing!

Xo, Rose

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