Smart Air freshener from Pura Scents

Smart Air freshener from Pura Scents

Since we’ll soon be saying goodbye to winter, it’s time to clear out that stale air with a home air freshener.

Speaking of stale, it’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything about home air fresheners. The plug-in variety has been replaced in recent years with a renewed interest in candles as well as diffusers and nebulizers. But the plug-ins of our childhoods are getting a smart update—smart phone that is.

Pura Scents is merging your nightlight, air freshener and Febreze bottle all in one—and linking it to your smart phone so that you can release targeted scents depending on the time of day and your mood.

What is it?

The short version? It’s a plug-in air freshener. But this device is controlled by a (free) app that you can set so different fragrances (you can store two in one device) release at different times. Leaving the house? The device turns off automatically, saving your scent choices. There’s also a light (with many colour options to choose from—we like a little colour therapy too!), and a USB outlet so you aren’t using up valuable plug-in space.

You can have as many dispensers as you like in your home and they will each be monitored separately on the app.

What are the scents?

Pura Scents has 15 different fragrances to choose from at the moment. From Fresh Alpine to Lavender Dream to Tuscan Neroli; there’s certainly a blend to suit your style.

Can I buy it?

Sort of. You can pre-order Pura Scents right now, and can expect to actually have the product by June 2016. For one dispenser and two fragrance cartridges, the price is $70 (pre-order) or $80 (retail),

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