Editor’s pick: An all-natural bedroom mist

Editor’s pick: An all-natural bedroom mist

Get ready for sleep with a soothing, aromatic-packed bedroom mist

Since discovering that I occasionally suffer from bouts of stress-induced insomnia, I’ve hunted for ways to make the transition to sleep easier. Some of these are more lifestyle focused (eating well, exercising regularly, ditching my computer before bed), many of them include considering different scents in the form of essential oils. I have regularly put lavender oil on the soles of my feet and in my diffuser before bed in the hopes of encouraging a calm, restful slumber.

Which is why when I saw Graydon Skincare’s Before Bed Mist, I jumped at the chance to try it. It is, just as it sounds, a mist designed to be sprayed in your bedroom just before hitting the sheets to make your space calm and relaxing as you prepare for bed. Lavender and sweet orange oil make up the composition of this all-natural spray, so it smells very relaxing. Like a wellness store, but in your bedroom and less overpowering. Bonus: It’s also from a Canadian company.

At $15, you really can’t go wrong with this spray. I like to spritz it on my sheets before hopping into bed with a book. And I have to say, I get calm and sleepy much quicker when I remember to use it.

Graydon Skincare Before Bed Spray, $15, graydonskincare.ca

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