Chatelaine’s Catherine Franklin’s Chanel perfume

Chatelaine’s Catherine Franklin’s Chanel perfume

What is your favourite Chanel perfume? We asked a roster of Canadian beauty editors. Here’s what they said.

To mark the upcoming birthday of  the style iconoclast and perfume revolutionary, Gabrielle Chanel, we reached out to a roster of this country’s top editors and asked them to tell us about their favourite Chanel perfume.

Today, we’re hearing from Catherine Franklin, Fashion & Beauty Director from Chatelaine. 

“Coromandel from the remarkable collection, Les Exclusifs de Chanel, runs high on my list of favourite fragrances,” says Franklin. “I once visited Chanel’s famous apartment on Rue Cambon and saw the exotic Chinese screens that lined her walls and were the inspiration behind this scent. I love the exotic elegance of this perfume—and anything that has patchouli and frankincense will get my attention.

“I enjoy it most in the wintertime, wearing it is like covering yourself in soft, warm cashmere.”
Les Exclusifs de Chanel Coromandel, $160, (75 ml),

Catherine Franklin, Chatelaine
Twitter: @chatelaine
Instagram: @cfranklin

Find out more about this Chanel perfume—the notes, the perfumer, its launch date—in our Perfume-o-pedia.

Elle Canada Beauty Director, Vanessa Craft, is also a fan of Chanel’s Les Exclusifs collection. See her favourite scent here.

Our founder, Deborah Fulsang, once got in trouble at the airport because of her love of Chanel’s Coromandel.

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