Beauty Director Lesa Hannah’s Chanel perfume

Beauty Director Lesa Hannah’s Chanel perfume

What is your favourite Chanel perfume? We asked a roster of Canadian beauty editors. Here’s what they said.

In honour of the upcoming birthday of Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel on August 19, we surveyed a lineup of the country’s top editors and asked them to tell us about their favourite Chanel perfume.

Today, we’re hearing from Lesa Hannah, Beauty Director at FASHION Magazine.

“It seems shameful to say, but I actually don’t have a favourite Chanel scent,” says Hannah. “I rarely wear fragrance. However Coco Noir is memorable for me as the launch of it brought me to Venice, where I was introduced to many of the things that made a huge impression on Coco and impacted her designs going forward, such as winged lions, Byzantine crosses and baroque palazzos.”
Chanel Coco Noir, $130 (100 ml),

Lesa Hannah, FASHION Magazine
Twitter: @LesaHannah
Instagram: @LesaHannah

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