The best perfume bottles of 2015

The best perfume bottles of 2015

It’s what’s on the inside the counts right? Not in this case. We’ve already told you about our favourite perfumes of 2015, now let us share our favourite fragrance bottles of the year. Think of this as the swimsuit round.

Judging a book by its cover is not something we’d normally recommend. But in the beauty world, perfume often comes in the prettiest packaging and so for a moment we’d like to celebrate that. This past year, “pretty” doesn’t even begin to cover the perfume bottles we saw. Quirky, stunning, silly, bold and a little rock-and-roll are more apt descriptors.

Adidas_JeremyScottJeremy Scott for Adidas Originals Eau de Toilette

It’s no surprise that the cheekiness of Jeremy Scott’s designs would make their way to his perfume collaboration with Adidas. Designed in the shape of Jeremy Scott’s Wings 2.0 high-top sneakers for the brand, this bottle is fun—and unlike any other bottle on this list. Points for cheek. $90 (75 ml),

Balenciaga_LeditionMer Balenciaga L’Edition Mer Eau de Parfum

What better way to communicate an aquatic scent than with a shimmery, iridescent bottle? If a bottle is any reflection of the eau housed inside, Balenciaga did a great job of letting us know that this perfume was all about fresh, watery accords. Of course the bottle design isn’t new, but its adaptation to this watery flanker is spot-on. $145 (75 ml),

Read our full review of Balenciaga L’Edition Mer here.

Diptyque_EauMageDiptyque Eau Mage Eau de Parfum

The simplicity of this clear cylindrical bottle with its bright marble-like green stopper is stunning. But the details within—textured like shattered glass and water tricking down a window—are anything but simple. Says Global Fragrance Expert Marian Bendeth, “a freshwater cyclone in a bottle, the green cap signifying a sunny season as the perfume swirls around—I would want that to swirl on my neck too!” $200 (100 ml),

MissoniMissoni Eau de Parfum

It makes perfect sense that Missoni, the brand known for its iconic multicoloured stripes, should colour its new perfume bottle similarly. The flask’s vivid palette likewise echos the mood of the runway moment and all of the fun, tie-dye prints we’ve recently seen from Altuzzara, Rachel Comey and Raquel Allegra for spring 2016. Available at The Bay February, 2016.

MiuMiu_EDPMiu Miu Eau de Parfum

Fashion and beauty editors swooned when they saw this bottle. The bold colour pairing, the retro references, that candy-red stopper—what’s not to love? We were collectively delighted. $100 (50 ml),

See fashion illustrator Laura Gulshani‘s Christmas-inspired take on the perfume bottle here.


Lalique de Lalique Plumes Limited Edition Extrait de Parfum

This bottle was a favourite of two of our contributors—Marian Bendeth notes, “A gorgeous waterfall tear-drop art deco bottle that would probably don the makeup table of Daisy in The Great Gatsby.” Adriana Ermter recalls her trip to visit the Lalique factory in France as “like walking through a glass wonderland,” and being especially impressed with the attention to detail. This bottle, Ermter describes as being “smothered in carved lines”. One of the prettier bottles we saw this year. Price available upon request,

MoschinoMoschino Fresh Couture Eau de Toilette

Yes, that is a perfume flacon you’re looking at and not a Windex bottle. A silhouette that would otherwise never catch our eye (cleaning is NOT one of our favourite things), becomes fun, quirky and eyebrow-raising when it houses a designer fragrance. Consider this the ultimate high-low experience. $110 (100 ml),

Read more about our take on Moschino Fresh here.

MJ_DecadenceMarc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum

Quite a departure from what we usually get from Marc Jacobs—think baby blue, white and floral motifs from his Daisy offerings, this latest scent, dubbed Decadence, portrays luxury in the form of a coveted handbag.

Our favourite bits about this perfume bottle design? The weighty stopper, that python detailing and the oversized tassel: decadent indeed. $140 (100 ml),


Valentino Valentina Pink Limited Edition Eau de Parfum

This bottle has always been pretty (and used before in different colours to house Valentina and Valentina Oud Assoulo). But the addition of a matte, bubblegum-pink finish kicked this bottle into a much cooler territory. Though it would certainly be at home on Barbie’s dresser, we’d like to think a punk rock princess would appreciate this Valentina bottle too. $125 (80 ml),

Prairie_MidnightRain La Prairie Midnight Rain Eau de Parfum

This is a case of a name and a bottle working completely symbiotically. Midnight Rain from La Prairie is housed in a raindrop-shaped package that sparkles in black, blue and silver—a whole starry-night universe in a single drop. $170 (50 ml),

Did you have a favourite perfume bottle last year? Did we miss one? Let us know in the comment section below or on Twitter.

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