Biotherm beauty and the deep blue sea

Biotherm beauty and the deep blue sea

A seahorse pulling a fish in a carriage, a tiny plankton saying hello: The latest launch of the whimsically illustrated Biotherm Les Eaux collection appeals to our inner child and steals our heart.

The brand’s popular spritzes have been repackaged in limited-edition, stocking-stuffer sized vials and wrapped in the graphics of renowned Swedish illustrator Ingela Peterson Arrhenius. So sweet in their 1950s-style silliness.

And whether you choose the crisp citrus essence of Eau Vitaminée or the fresh Eau Océane spritz, or any of the scents in the five-fragrance collection (as well as specific Biotherm’s Lait Corporel and Aquasource products), your fragrance-loving purchase will support a larger mission. That mission is Mission Blue, a global charity founded by renowned oceanographer, marine biologist and environmentalist Dr. Sylvia Earle to protect the world’s oceans and particularly Antarctica’s Ross Sea and its extraordinary biodiversity.

With this Biotherm initiative, parent L’Oreal launches Water Lovers, a platform to support various projects that help protect the world’s vital water sources. The company has earmarked a minimum 250,000 euros to be directed, from sales proceeds, to the cause.

Biotherm Les Eaux, $15 (20 ml) each,
There are also 22 various Biotherm gift sets featuring Arrhenius’ signature aquatic-inspired graphics.

Find out more about Dr. Sylvia Earle and Mission Blue.


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