Body lotions that smell great for spring

Body lotions that smell great for spring

Warm weather will arrive. Eventually. Anticipating that bare-skin moment, we rounded up six super-smelling body lotions to satisfy your skin and your senses.

See ya parkas and turtlenecks, clunky snow boots and mitts. One of our favourite things about spring is shedding our winter layers. Hello skin!

If we’re being honest, though, our winter body care routine has suffered. When your body is out of sight, it’s often out of mind, so we’ll be first to admit we skimped on the body lotion. No matter! What better time than spring to pick up a great body lotion to rehydrate our winter limbs, and keep our bodies silky soft. We’ll soon get to bare our arms and legs after all.

Here are our favourite body lotions for spring. And yes, of course they smell amazing.

For the fresh post-workout glow

If you’ve been really trying to maintain your fitness regime all winter—good for you, btw—you’re going to want a body lotion that enhances that “I feel good” vibe you’ve got going on. We’re thinking something that smells fresh and aquatic will complement. This body lotion is actually a gel, and it includes hyaluronic acid and algae to firm and moisturize. Plus that water-fresh scent is sure to please.
Biotherm Skin Fitness Moisturizing Body Treatment, $57 (200 ml),

The green (and aromatic) option

If you love essential oils and prefer to keep you skincare green and natural, then you’ll want to try Radiant Body Oil from Canadian brand Province Apothecary. Handmade in small batches in Toronto, this oil contains argan oil (one of the most sustainable oils in the world) to moisturize and restore the skin’s lipid barrier. Its black cumin seed oil and avocado oil also mean this is one incredibly fragrant natural body solution that also happens to be sustainable.
Province Apothecary Radiant Body Oil, $28 (120 ml),

For the coffee lover

While this cream doesn’t exactly smell like a fresh cup of joe, it definitely has that caffeine kick you need. It’s creamy and rich (both in texture and in scent) with a sweet kick thanks to a touch of pomegranate, and earthy, thanks to green tea. Coffee seed extract and cocoa and shea butters round out the ingredient list. Aside from its yummy scent, Frank Body Cream absorbs quickly, packs a serious moisturizing punch, locks in moisture and can even help with circulation and healing thanks to that aforementioned caffeine.
Frank Body Cream, $22 (200 ml),

For something sweet


We wouldn’t want to leave you cake and chocolate lovers out of the body lotion list, so here’s our sweet pick of the genre. Try Lavanila’s The Healthy Body Butter for a cocoa- and coconut blend that also includes the brand’s trademark vanilla scent. This non-greasy formula feels as luxurious as it smells, though we don’t recommend eating it.
Lavanila The Healthy Body Butter, $23 (200 ml),

Something darker please

Maybe light and bright or feminine and fruity isn’t your M.O. We get it. If you prefer scents with darker notes such as tobacco, woods or musk, you’ll want to try this body lotion from Kiehl’s. It’s scented with musk (which Kiehl’s lovers will recognize from the brand’s iconic perfume). Alongside apricot kernel oil, sesame oil and wheat germ oil, this light lotion will leave you silky smooth.
Kiehl’s Musk Lotion, $22 (250 ml),

Fun and fruity

If you know anything about açaí, you know it’s a superfruit that is an antioxidant powerhouse. What does that mean? Expect this body cream, which is infused with açaí oil and coconut oil, to not only hydrate your skin but to combat dullness as well. The added bonus of a red, fruity scent is also something we can get behind.
Sol de Janeiro Açaí Body Power Cream, $57 (240 ml),

PHOTO: Frank Body

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