The Body Shop travels the world with its Voyage perfumes

The Body Shop travels the world with its Voyage perfumes

New fragrance captures the smells and tastes of Italy.

Italian Summer Fig, the latest perfume release from The Body Shop, joins the brand’s travel-loving Voyage Collection of spritzes this month. Book a trip now to your nearest location for a spritz.

Italian Summer Fig: It’s a scent both savoury and sweet

Italian Summer Fig is an attempt to hold on to the fading days of summer. The salty sweetness of fig lies at the heart of this new scent—accompanied by grape leaf, rose, amber and oakwood. The inspiration: Perfumer Arnaud winter trips to Italy. “Wherever I went, the scent of sun-ripened figs surrounded me,” he says, “lusciously sweet with a slightly nutty composition.”

We showcased the FIG trend in our recent perfume trends series. Read more about the delicious fruit-inspired scents here.

TheBodyShop_ItalianSummerFig_201510Classic packaging, re-designed

You may also notice that The Body Shop’s Voyage Collection has been re-designed. The new bottles are multi-faceted (said to be inspired by the world’s time zones) and colourful. Each box also incorporates a traditional design from the scent’s region that has been modernized within a chic black-and-white pattern. Pretty enough on their own, but great as a collection on your dressing table too.

Bon Voyage! Many destinations to discover

Each Voyage scent centres on a single ingredient from a particular region. The Body Shop also strives to include only the highest quality of said hand-picked ingredient. And as always, it takes a compassionate holistic approach: It’s all about vegetarian and animal-cruelty-free scents created here with organically cultivated ingredients that support biodiversity and sustainability.

Italian Summer Fig joins a healthy lineup of scents in the current collection: Fijian Water Lotus, a sparkling floral fragrance with water lotus, mandarin zest and salt; Atlas Mountain Rose, with rose from the Moroccan Dades valley paired with cassis buds and spices; Indian Night Jasmine with jasmine, and sandalwood; and Japanese Cherry Blossom with cherry blossom, sweet magnolia and wood accords.

Each fragrance range includes an eau de toilette, body lotion, shower gel and body mist. Time to travel, at least with our noses:

The Body Shop Italian Summer Fig, $28 (50 ml),

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