Bottling That Newborn Baby Smell

Bottling That Newborn Baby Smell

By Alexandra Donaldson

Babies smell great. Having never had a baby, and not being in the habit of smelling other people’s newborns, this is something I largely take on faith, however there is science to support the fact. It seems that when women smell babies, the parts of the brain that understand pleasure light up—not unlike the effect of a drug. Scientists postulate that the phenomenon is biology’s way of ensuring mother take care of (demanding) infants in the early days when sleep-deprived parents are having no fun.

demeterBut while this might explain why babies smell so good, it hardly tells us what exactly that smell is. Fragrance house Demeter—known for other unusual scents such as Birthday Cake, Grass and Tomato—says it knows. It took 15 years to get it right, but the result: Light, fresh, slightly lemony and definitely powdery. Some say quite irresistible.

Demeter Fragrance New Baby, $16 (30 ml),

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Alexandra Donaldson is the editorial assistant at The Whale & The Rose and a freelance writer and content creator. Although she recently took up yoga in an effort to be a healthy adult, she still binge-watches cartoons on a regular basis and dreams of running away to a cottage in the woods. She has yet to nail down her favourite perfume, but knows that it smells green, earthy and maybe a little bit spicy, but definitely not sweet.