Of bronzer and bronze goddess-inspired fragrances

Of bronzer and bronze goddess-inspired fragrances

By Deborah Fulsang

Many years ago, a tuned-in makeup artist by the name of David Goveia shared with me a take-away tip he’d gleaned from working with the iconic model Kate Moss.
After he had completed her makeup and she was set to move in front of the camera, she grabbed a big fluffy blush brush and dusted her face with bronzer. It just makes everyone look fresher, younger, better, I recall the veteran makeup artist telling me. And who would argue with Kate anyway?

The anecdote only helped fuel my love of bronzer. On the cheekbones, the temples, eyelids, swiped across the clavicle or along the shins. Très sexy, no matter the season.

Guerlain has long embraced a sun-kissed glow. In fact, the brand celebrates the 30
th anniversary of its iconic bronzer, Terracotta, this spring. And a real treat: It comes in a beautifully fashioned wooden compact gilded with a sun. Even better, the company has taken the glow of the sun as inspiration for a fragrance: Terracotta Le Parfum (image above). The scent opens brightly with bergamot then warms to a rich tropical cocktail via tiaré flower, ylang-ylang and vanilla. It’s sunny, sweet and lush. Add sunglasses and a white maillot and you’re set for summer.
Guerlain Paris Terracotta Le Parfum, $80 (100 ml); and Terracotta Sun Celebration Browzing Powder & Blush, $84, www.guerlain.com

Estée Lauder has been treating us to its Goddess Collection of cosmetics and fragrance for years, and this season’s Body Splash iteration just might be my go-to for the summer. I love everything about it: the generously sized bottle with the splash-on styling (spritzing would be too prim for bikini season after all), the heft of the classic rectangular glass bottle, and the juice itself – an intoxicating meld of amber, coconut milk, sandalwood, vanilla, citrus and aromatic jasmine, tiaré flower and lavender. So beachy and boho yet sultry and sophisticated too. 

To channel the complete bronzed jetsetter experience, there’s also Estée’s silky bronzer powder and nude shades of nail colour and eye shadows, and a Limited Edition Bronze Goddess Whipped Body Crème. That cream is as good as it sounds, with its super rich formula and its infusion of the Bronze Goddess scent.
Limited Edition Bronze Goddess Body Splash, $90 (240 ml); Bronze Goddess Powder, $40; www.esteelauder.ca


Coco Chanel made the tan de rigueur in the 1920s. So much aluminum foil, baby oil and SPF tales later, we come full circle back to Chanel’s current healthy-glow look. The brand’s Les Beiges collection showcases a range of oil-infused powders in an array of subtle hues that mimic the effect of a face that’s been enhanced by the rays of the sun – or that’s had a week off and time for a little me time and a few walks in the park. In keeping with that relaxed summer-loving mood, we advocate the application of the new perfume extract version of Chanel’s Beige in the Les Exclusifs lineup. It’s a pretty and laissez faire spritz that’s plush and very sunshiny. But supremely elegant. There’s heady jasmine, ylang-ylang and May rose, in combination with hawthorn, almondy mimosa and linden. 

Spritz and powder away and don’t leave the house without your oversized pair of big black glam sunglasses.
Chanel Les Exclusifs Beige Extraits de Parfum, (15 ml); and Les Beige Healthy Glow Sheer Powders, $48-$64, www.chanel.ca

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