My Burberry perfume: a classic continues

My Burberry perfume: a classic continues

Fragrances takes inspiration from the iconic Burberry trench coat.

We love a good creation story. Especially when we get to learn the why behind a perfume’s pedigree. Some are more obvious than others. For instance, Burberry’s decision to create a fragrance based on its iconic trench coat makes sense. A brand that has become synonymous with a product, the way Burberry has set the gold standard for trench coats, deserves a little fragrant celebration—especially as we enter into the fall coat season.

Want to get a glimpse into how this fashion item inspired a perfume? Check out the video below.

The Perfume Bottle

The My Burberry flask is a solid glass rectangle; the eau a golden-beige tint to echo the trench that is its inspiration. The top is a lovely, tortoiseshell-like patterned stopper which is a close replica of the buttons that adorn the trench coat. The neck of the bottle is tied with the same fabric used in that iconic piece of clothing. When it comes to the design, all roads lead back to that classic trench.

My-Burberry-EDP-5045419039635The Scent

My Burberry Eau de Parfum doesn’t smell like a cotton coat. Rather it’s the scent of a classic London garden in the city, and the lush wetness that comes after a rain.

Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian created a perfume with bright, earthy florals. The spritz opens with sweet pea and citrus, has a white floral heart, and at its base includes notes of sultry patchouli and rose. This is a comfortable, easy scent that at first sniff seems light and delicate, but deepens to reveal a warm and solid dry down that envelopes your senses. The similarities between trench and scent, don’t end at the bottle.

Burberry recently released the eau de toilette follow-up to My Burberry, which launched last fall. The toilette is a brighter take on the original, with lighter florals (think pink freesia and peach blossom) and a softer heart of white musk.

The Campaign

It makes sense to include two of Britain’s most iconic models (one with history, one new) to be the faces of this perfume. Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne teamed up to pose for photographer Mario Testino in the black and white ads. Wearing—what else? The brand’s trench coats of course—Moss and Delevingne happily start a perfume fight and then vogue for the camera.

Yes, a perfume fight. We love it.


My Burberry Eau de Parfum, $135 (90 ml) and Eau de Toilette, $105 (90 ml),

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