Buy Mother’s Day flowers in a perfume

Buy Mother’s Day flowers in a perfume

Going to get Mom some Mother’s Day flowers this year? Why not pick up her favourite floral in a perfume instead?

Moms—and indeed most women—like getting a bouquet of fresh, beautiful flowers. And who could blame them? Mother’s Day flowers are a tradition. The fresh soft colours, the lingering subtle scent, the reminder that spring is really, truly here—what’s not to love?

This year we’re recommending you get a bouquet a little more lasting than that freshly picked go-to. Instead try one of these new perfumes to get your Mom her floral fix.

If she likes roses…Inline_Roses_TheBodyShop

Try the new Body Shop British Rose Eau de Toilette. Notes of bergamot, rose and peony swirl and mingle for a classic fresh rose perfume that won’t break the bank.
$20 (100 ml),

If she likes freesia…Inline_Freesia_Nest

Try Nest Citrine. Freesia accompanies lemon blossom, dew drop, woods and lotus flower for a sunny scent that will put a smile on your face.
$78 (5o ml),

If she likes lily of the valley….Inline_LilyOfTheValley_Aerin

Try Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle. Although not the namesake floral in this spritz, the lily of the valley is a nice, fresh touch to honeysuckle, grapefruit and bergamot that will take you to the coast even if you don’t leave your backyard.
$145 (50 ml),

If she likes orange blossom…Inline_OrangeBlossom_Prada

Try Prada Candy Kiss. More well known for their gourmand leanings, the Prada Candy collection introduces the new Prada Candy Kiss—where orange blossom and vanilla create a sweet, floral scent.
$88 (50 ml), (not available until June 1st, 2016—make this an IOU for Mom)

If she likes jasmine…Inline_Jasmine_Narciso

Try Narciso Rodriguez Poudree. A heart of jasmine is mixed with notes of rose and black and white cedar for a powdery, smooth floral spritz.
$110 (90 ml),

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Not sure what Mother's Day perfumes would be the best gift? Stick to mom's favourite brand and choose something new.

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