Byredo’s seductive night vision

Byredo’s seductive night vision

Byredo Night Veils is super-luxe fragrance by all definitions: the notes, the packaging and the for-serious-scent-lovers-only price tag.

The new Byredo Night Veils three-perfume collection channels the sexy shadows of intimate candlelit restaurants and quiet banquettes where cocktails are sipped and secrets are exchanged.

Perfumer Ben Gorham has directed each bottle in the lineup to exude the beauty of the night too, in dramatic purple-black flasks housing not toilettes but richer, more intense elixirs. And in keeping with the luxuriousness of these perfume distillations comes a luxurious price tag: $660 per 30-ml indulgence.

Talk about a serious gift for a lover, no?

BDO Press_1508_Ext-casablEach of the extraits—Casablanca Lily, Midnight Candy and Reine de Nuit—celebrates a flower that offers a bold aura or sillage at night (lily, rose and jasmine, respectively). The collection is a testament to how empowering a rich floral perfume can be in the twilight hours.

BDO Press_1508_Ext-midnight

Casablanca Lily

Notes of black plum, gardenia, carnation, tuberose, cloves and honey are creamy and slightly sweet. An intoxicating floral oriental scent that lingers.

Midnight Candy

Notes of carrot, iris, jasmine, black violet, osmanthus and vanilla create an enveloping floral scent, surprisingly warm despite the white and powdery flowers.

Reine de Nuit

Saffron, black current, midnight rose, incense, patchouli and amber notes offer a spicy and sweet composition, a floral Chypre that is lush and juicy.

BDO Press_1508_Ext-reineByredo Night Veils Collection Extrait de Parfum, $660 (30 ml) each,

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