Celebrity perfumes for everyone on your holiday gift list

Celebrity perfumes for everyone on your holiday gift list

We promise that everyone from Mom to your resident Belieber will love these perfume picks.

Justin Bieber’s first perfume, Someday, is said to have made $3-million dollars in revenue just 3 weeks after its debut in market. We won’t speculate here whether this spike in sales has more to do with the average teeny-bopper’s control over their parent’s spending decisions or an ode to the character of this perfume’s enveloping floral aroma. The numbers do however point to the undeniable, and ongoing, allure of fame.

Luckily, for celeb- and perfume-lovers alike, this holiday season shows no shortage of new star-aligned fragrances to choose from. If there’s someone on your list to buy for that might need help finding a scent that suits them, and who does get a little starry-eyed when it comes to the red carpet, we’ve got you covered.

RihannaRiRiHere, a list of new perfumes that fulfil your holiday shopping needs, and that just happen to be celebrity perfumes, too.

For the older sister: Rihanna RiRi

RiRi is a fragrance that speaks to a more mature sister figure. Perhaps this sibling is experiencing a transition—whether she’s making the leap from middle school to high school, high school to university, what have you, this scent embodies the growth she’s going through. The base of reliable smells like sandalwood, white floral, and vanilla accompany a sweetness that’s still young.
Rihanna RiRi, $59 (50 ml), www.shoppersdrugmart.ca

JeremyScottAdidasOriginalsThe teenage boyfriend will love Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott

Yes, the winged Adidas shoe is great for display purposes, but the spicy, white pepper notes that linger in this scent are really—let’s be honest—for everyone to enjoy, not just your man. Regardless, it’s an scent that starts out soft but ends strong.
Jeremy Scott Adidas Originals, $90 (75 ml), www.thebay.com

LadyGagaEauDeGagaA great pal deserves a gift of Gaga

This is the fragrance for that friend who loves this star—her out-there, I’m-my-own-person, have-my-own-voice artist. The enticing scent is a mix of citrus, white floral, and wood. It’s spot-on for an independent woman who commands a presence.
Lady Gaga Eau de Gaga, $76 (75 ml), www.shop.ca

AnjaRubikOriginalMom will appreciate Anja Rubik Original

Original is a clean white floral scent that touches on green, herbal notes. Its character is in its simple femininity, though don’t mistake it for sweet—much like a cool mother figure. Original is a careful mix of strong, lovely, and reliable.
Anja Rubik Original, $134 (50 ml), www.net-a-porter.com

ArianaGrandeAriYour young niece will love Ariana Grande Ari

If you have someone on your list who is both an Ariana Grande fan and under 16, Ari is a dream buy. The scent’s sweetness bounces from fruity (raspberries, especially) to outright candy, and introduces a marshmallow scent at its finish. Get this and you’ll soon be the best family gift-giver of all. And did we say that she’ll love the bottle too?
Ariana Grande Ari, $58 (50 ml), www.shoppersdrugmart.ca

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