Chanel Art: Pieces inspired by the iconic brand

Chanel Art: Pieces inspired by the iconic brand

By Alexandra Donaldson

The iconic, interlocking Cs are immediately recognizable. The bottle of eau No. 5 is always a familiar silhouette. A tweed skirt-suit will always be associated with one name in fashion. Chanel, of course.

The brand offers its own extraordinary design history, but it is also muse to artists both aspiring and established. Andy Warhol famously offered pop culture his Chanel art—an interpretation of the No. 5 perfume bottle—and ever since, artists everywhere sketch, paint and repurpose the brand’s most famous imagery.

There is no shortage of Chanel art, or shall we say “Chanel-inspired art” today, so on the occasion of Chanel’s birthday this month, we’ve collected a sampling of our current favourite Chanel-inspired designs for your viewing pleasure. ChanelCollage

PHOTO: Laura Row Studio (feature image illustration)
Inset photos: Chanel Logo, Shuffle Prints. Pink Chanel, Monty Minagall. Chanel No. 5, Nina Lindgren. Neon Chanel, Louis-Nicolas Darbon. Coco Mademoiselle, Drop In Drop. Surfboard, Essa Designed.

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