Deborah’s august picks: Notes of sultry violet

Deborah’s august picks: Notes of sultry violet

Perfume, cocktails and manicures in violet suit these lazy, hazy days of summer.

I didn’t realize I had a thing for violet. Not purple, mind you. But smoky, greyed-out violet.  Not even the fact that my dining room has been painted an understated, grey-purple hue for years—Benjamin Moore’s “Hazy Lilac” to be exact—made me notice.

But lately I’ve been sniffing a few violet-noted fragrances and the realization began to sink in. Then of course, I found myself at my go-to manicure place, Tips Nail Bar, admiring my newly lacquered nails looking so summery in a just-this-side-of-white shade of violet. Shellac’s “Sugar” if you wish to know the exact shade. And to top it off, I became preoccupied with a new, but very-old cocktail that celebrates the brilliance of violet flowers.

So, as they say in the style world: Three makes a trend!

I’m all about violet this month. Herewith, my August picks:

Sultry violet with wood and amber

Byredo manages to capture the moody side of the pretty violet bloom in its Mohave Ghost. There’s powdery violet swirling amidst magnolia and sandalwood. It’s all soft and moody with amber, musk and wood, too.

My thinking it that this one’s delicious on bared summer skin—or on skin during any time of year really—but it resonates with me at this moment. Especially when the air is heavy and close, and sexy sandals and halters lead the what-I-want-to-wear wardrobe list.

Byredo Mohave Ghost, $200 (50 ml),

A cocktail for violet lovers

By now you mind know that the way to my heart might just be through my stomach—if not my nose! And a perfectly proportioned cocktail with inspiring aromatics delivers the best of both worlds.

I’ve recently discovered The Aviation, a pre-Prohibition cocktail that shows off its love of violet beautifully. Not in a garish way, but in a sexy subtle way. Crème de Violette mixes with gin, Maraschino liqueur and fresh lemon juice. The result is all floral, crisp and elegant, and delightfully violet in hue.

Violet for a modern manicure

I confess: My daughter’s recent choice of pastel manicures and pedicures had me stepping outside of my typical summer polish palette. It is likely her influence that led to my decision last week to go with a mani in an almost-white tint that had just a smidgen of violet in it. Super-pretty on bronzed skin. I’m loving it!

Essie in Lilacism, $10,

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