Dior Videos: The Quest For Essences

Dior Videos: The Quest For Essences

In The Quest For Essences Dior videos, the brand shows how perfumer François Demachy chooses specific ingredients for iconic Christian Dior perfumes.

Perfumery can seem such a mysterious process. The why and the inspiration are often not incredibly evident in the final product. Which is great if, like many, you prefer to make your selection just based on scent along instead of an accompanying narrative. We all assign meaning and memory to different scents, so sometimes being overloaded with the story just muddles our own impressions.

But, it’s still great when a perfume brand spends some time talking about the ingredients and evolution of certain fragrances. Dior, has gone a step further and created a perfume video series, The Quest For Essences, to share how the brand’s perfumer, François Demachy, picks the raw materials that he works with to create Dior’s perfumes.

So far there are five episodes each focusing on a different ingredient: Ylang Ylang, Jasmine (from India), Bergamot, May Rose and Jasmine again (this time from Grasse). Each video is a couple minutes long and transports you to the place where Dior’s preferred ingredient partners harvest the essences of some of the brand’s most beloved perfumes.

Watch the Dior videos below.

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