Which discontinued perfumes do you miss?

Which discontinued perfumes do you miss?

Bath & Body Works is bringing back Cucumber Melon—what other discontinued perfume do you wish would make a comeback?

Bath & Body Works recently announced they were bringing back one of the most popular scents from the brand’s history: Cucumber Melon. For a limited time, you can shop the body-mist-scent of your past. The brand isn’t the only one that has retired or stopped production on a certain scent. Even major perfume houses decide to forgo another run or change up the formula to adapt to the times. Swapping in synthetics for expensive or hard-to-find ingredients is fairly commonplace in the perfume world.

But it leaves some fans heartbroken. (Just ask the teenage girls who had to find a new signature scent after Bath & Body Works pulled the plug on Cucumber Melon.) There are those who swear that modern-day Guerlain Mitsouko, which has undergone several reformulations, is nothing compared to the heady depth of the original.

It’s a topic that most have an opinion about. Our own, Deborah Fulsang mourns the discontinuation of Karl Lagerfeld KL “I’m surprised that they haven’t reissued it, with all the work he’s done,” she notes. Instead of pining though, she’s looked for similar variations from other brands. None are the same, but some are close.

Which got us wondering—is there a perfume you long for that is no longer around? Did the formula change or was it discontinued? What did you love about it and how is it different?

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