Doug Wallace shares his favourite holiday scents

Doug Wallace shares his favourite holiday scents

The Whale & The Rose team gets into the giving spirit this year by sharing our own favourite holiday smells.

Contributing writer Doug Wallace tells us what scent sparks his nostalgia and what he hopes to find in his holiday stocking.

My favourite holiday scent?

Shortbread! As I live through Christmas after Christmas, the season becomes too predictable for me, smells included. In fact, I think the holiday season needs to be rebranded completely, with less crap and better songs. Shortbread is the only exception that I will welcome to the end of the world. Cedar, spruce and pine smells are a close second, third and fourth.

My partner used to own a cat, whose litter box unfortunately shared close quarters with the seasonal stash of scarves and gloves. He sprayed his accessories with a Marc Jacobs fragrance to alleviate the odour, but only succeeded in having his scarves then smell like Marc Jacobs Cat Box. Winter always reminds us of that misfortune. And we still call the fragrance that.

dip-feu-de-bois-candle_-_60_copyAt the top of my holiday wishlist

A Diptyque Feu de Bois candle is a holiday staple for us. Warm and woody, masculine and welcoming.
Diptyque Feu de Bois candle, $45-$84,

PHOTO: FlickrCC/Dious
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Doug Wallace is a Toronto-based writer who began his fragrance wardrobe with a bottle of the now-iconic Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel and hasn’t looked back. A big fan of scents by houses Lalique and Boucheron, he is currently having a fling with all-things-British, including Clive Christian, Floris and Penhaligon’s. He treasures the dusty shoulders of some of his more aged bottles just as much as he does the shiny young ones.