Editor-in-chief Tania Kwong’s Chanel perfume

Editor-in-chief Tania Kwong’s Chanel perfume

What is your favourite Chanel perfume? We asked a roster of Canadian beauty editors. Here’s what they said.

To celebrate this week’s birthday of Gabrielle Chanel—it’s today in fact!—we reached out to a roster of this country’s top editors and asked them to tell us about their favourite Chanel perfume.

Today, we’re hearing from Tania Kwong, Editor-in-Chief of Glow Magazine

“In high school, I got my first real job in the fragrance section at a department store (remember Eaton’s?) and it was there that I discovered and fell for Allure by Chanel,” says Kwong. “Before that, I had always associated Chanel perfume with mature women—my mother is a No. 5 devotee—but there was and still is something incredibly feminine and warm about Allure. Maybe it’s the rose de Mai, peach and vanilla notes, but everytime I spritz it on my wrists, a familiar smile spreads across my face. Sure, my scent palate has grown up since then, but there will always be room for a bottle of Allure on my vanity.”
Chanel Allure, $97 (100 ml), www.chanel.com

Tania Kwong, Glow Magazine
Twitter: @taniakwong

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