Editor Picks for Valentine’s Day gifts

Editor Picks for Valentine’s Day gifts

By Deborah Fulsang

February is the month of love, and with that in mind I drew up a short shopping list of sexy and beautifully scented things that I’m looking forward to indulging in this month. Or that I would be tickled pink with if I received them for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Those long-stemmed blooms die so quickly. So much better to receive a bottle of this new rose-infused perfume from Aerin Lauder. It’s definitely a rose by another name: plush with an opulent rose heart of three iconic roses—Rose Centifolia, Rose Otto Bulgarian and Rose Absolute from Turkish roses—but this is a calm, cool, velvety spritz. Nothing heavy and old-school here. Ambrette seeds and a watery accord, as well as violet wood, Ambrox (warm, ambery, woody) and musk, make the concoction modern and feminine, with only a subtle nod to the rose gardens of history. The pristine white bottle with its gold detailing likewise inspire serious affection.
AERIN Rose de Grasse, Premier Collection parfum, $205 (50 ml), http://www.esteelauder.com

I’m joking. But a love nest does sound intriguing. How about a sexy, sultry-smelling home? A sexy, sultry-smelling bedroom?
Choose one of Hermès’ newest candles in the “A Cheval” scent—there are five ethereally fragranced candles to choose from in one, three or five-wick sizes, but this one is the earthiest. This particular origami-textured bougie (with its pumpkin-hued interior) will infuse your space with the smoky, woody, leathery essence of the stable—but in the most sophisticated, equine way. Think leather Hermes purses not morning chores in the barn. What a surprising alternative to a traditional Valentine’s Day gift this would make. $185(small, one-wick), $300 (medium, 3-wick), $450 (large, 5-wick) sizes, www.hermes.ca

A hardcover book filled with gorgeous couture images, in an indulgent coffee table-sized format, on a topic most compelling and luxurious. Sign me up. Dior: The Perfumes, written by the walking encyclopedia of perfume, Chandler Burr (ex-New York Times scent critic and now curator of olfactory art at the Museum of Art and Design in New York) is just the ticket for your perfume-obsessed main squeeze this Valentine’s Day. (Rizzoli, $76, http://www.chapters.indigo.ca)

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