Editor Wing Sze Tang’s Chanel perfume

Editor Wing Sze Tang’s Chanel perfume

What is your favourite Chanel perfume? We asked a roster of Canadian beauty editors. Here’s what they said.

Tomorrow marks the birthday of Gabrielle Chanel. To honour the iconoclast and the behemoth of a brand, we reached out to a roster of this country’s top editors and asked them to tell us about their favourite Chanel perfume.

Today, we’re hearing from Wing Sze Tang, Editor of Cosmetics Magazine.

“Instead of choosing my own favourite Chanel (how? so many….), I’ll tell you which one for men I find particularly alluring,” Says Sze Tang. “Bleu de Chanel is my hubby’s current scent of choice. There’s something about it that draws you in closer—and supposedly, ladies randomly compliment him on it all the time. I think that’s a good thing?”
Bleu de Chanel, $89 (100 ml), www.chanel.com

Wing Sze Tang, Cosmetics Magazine
Twitter: @wingszetang
Instagram: @wingszetang

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