Editor’s pick: almost-edible-smelling lip balm

Editor’s pick: almost-edible-smelling lip balm

Is your pout suffering from summer beauty neglect? Solution: Pick up this scented lip balm.

My sweet tooth is well-documented and oft-sated. For starters, I love fruit and chocolate and candy, and Bulk Barn is one of my favourite stores. I am literally a kid in a candy store whenever sweet treats are around. I have eaten leftover pie or chocolate cake for breakfast more times than I care to admit. Which is why it’s strange that I am not a fan of gourmand perfumes.

I like to eat my sweets, not wear them, thank you very much.

It seems my sweet-scent aversion does not, however, extend to beauty products. Case in point: Fresh’s Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm, which recently landed on my desk. Caramel, being my favourite of the sweet flavours, is hard to resist, and the scent of this lip balm brings me back to that joyous night when I learned how to make caramel at home, from scratch. (Note: It’s pretty easy.)

This balm smells like the real deal, sweet but not fake-sweet, and just sheer enough that I want to apply it all the time.

Now for the actual skin care. The balm is rich without being heavy, and super moisturizing. It’s surprisingly non-sticky and delivers a hint of shine to your lips. Sugar (to preserve moisture), apricot kernel oil (to nourish), blackcurrant (to protect) and grapeseed oil (to smooth and soften) make up the impressive DNA of this product. The result? Soft lips that are hydrated and protected—and that smell amazing.

Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm, $22, www.sephora.com

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