Editor’s pick: A fresh hair product for curly hair

Editor’s pick: A fresh hair product for curly hair

Your curly hair could use a touch of Kerastase—for the frizz-free benefits as well as the scent

The thing about my thick, slightly curly hair is that it is absorbent. It absorbs moisture, it absorbs debris but it especially absorbs odor. Sometimes this doesn’t work in my favour (like when I was a teenager and spent time hanging out in a cloud of cigarette smoke every Friday night and then had to convince my Mom that I didn’t actually smoke), but a lot of the time it means that whatever hair products I use scent my hair for days. The scent from my hair often overpowers my perfume

So it’s no surprise that whenever I pick up a new hair product, I smell it. Anything too much gets the axe, and I often steer clear of anything too typically feminine and flowery. But lately I’ve been loving my hair styling product and it’s sort of summery and floral scent. It’s Kerastase Oleo Curl Leave In, which helps to smooth frizzy, curly hair and offers a bit of definition. I’m in love with the not-too-heavy cream formula and that a little of this stuff goes a long way. And though you can use it with heat styling, I tend to favour a wash and go approach.

And the scent? Well, it smells a little strong at first, when you get it on your hands. But after running your fingers through your hair to distribute the product it fades, leaving a nice and fresh scent that you catch every once in awhile—not that definitely doesn’t overpower. Fresh, floral and subtle isn’t usually my perfume jam, but this beauty product adds a nice complement to my regular rotation of green and woody perfumes.

Kerastase Oleo-Curl, $57 (150 ml), www.kerastase.ca

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