Fragrances typically belong to one of nine fragrance families: Aromatic, Citrus, Floral, Fresh, Fruity, Gourmand, Green, Oriental and Woody. A Floral fragrance is defined by its predominant flower notes, such as rose, peony, tuberose, neroli, freesia, jasmine, lily, lily of the valley, honeysuckle and violet. Classic floral perfumes that enjoy iconic status include: Chanel No. 5, Estee Lauder Beautiful, Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps and Dior J’Adore. Increasingly, there is overlap between the families of scent. Many modern-day perfumes, for example may contain ingredients or notes that allow them to be classified within more than one fragrance family: For instance, there are fruity-floral scents, fresh-woody scents or aromatic-citrus toilettes.

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