Fragrances typically belong to one of nine fragrance families: Aromatic, Citrus, Floral, Fresh, Fruity, Gourmand, Green, Oriental and Woody. A Gourmand fragrance is defined by its predominantly sweet character which is due to it containing saccharine and edible notes, from chocolate and caramel to cotton candy and sugar. Increasingly, there is overlap between the families of scent. Many modern-day perfumes, for example may contain ingredients or notes that allow them to be classified within more than one fragrance family: For instance, there are fresh-woody perfumes, aromatic-citrus toilettes and fruity-gourmand scents. Some notable gourmand scents include Thierry Mugler Angel, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and Prada Candy.

Other Gourmand Perfumes

Prada, Candy L’Eau EDT

Fruity and sweet with quiet undercurrents of warm wood, this designer spritz promises to please legions of fashion fans who follow the gospel of Miuccia.…

Diesel, Loverdose, EDP

Sweet tooth? Absolutely. How about licorice, sambac jasmine, vanilla, mandarin? All that stirred upon a base of sultry wood should sate your cravings for this…
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