Four fragrances for Father’s Day gifts

Four fragrances for Father’s Day gifts

By Deborah Fulsang

Want to gift your dad a fantastic new fragrance for Father’s Day? Of course, we think that’s a great idea. But where to start?

One could simply replenish one of those long-held favourite spritzes that dad keeps on his dresser top, but why not utilize the element of surprise? Here are four new spritzes that have won points for us both for their perfume personality but also for their stellar good looks. We’re sure he’ll approve.

Black glass fashioned as three-dimensional symbol of the Montblanc logo and to symbolize the six glacial valleys bordering the highest mountain in Europe. Phallic-like too we think, and handsome. It would look very 007 on a man’s dressing table. The juice too will please. It smells classic and traditional, but modern too: zesty and warm with aromatic notes (grapefruit with clary sage, cardamom, violet and cinnamon leaves) and a wood and tonka bean dry-down. Cool and comfortable.
Montblanc Emblem EDT, $78 (100 ml),

Classic and masculine: This new men’s fragrance combines refreshing citrus notes such as mandarin with aromatic lavender and a surprising, juicy melon note. There is also fresh, almost peppery geranium and a warm patchouli-centred woody base adding sass and depth to this aromatic fougere.
Jimmy Choo Man EDT, $88 (100 ml),

The bondage references aside—you don’t really need to explain all of that to dad anyway—this is one great fragrance that comes in a sleek, ergonomically refined bottle that will appeal to the design-savvy.
The juice: From the hands—or noses—of perfumers Daphné Bugey and Annick Menardo for the expat-Canadian Milan-runway brothers Dean and Dan Caten, comes this woody aromatic perfume smelling of green and earth, mineral and water. Sensual, smoky and warm.
DSquared2 Wild EDT, $90 (100 ml),

This sculptural, matte-black flask reverberates on an aesthetic line somewhere between fine art and punk, and we love that about it. We think a stylish dad would too.
The juice: Perfumer Olivier Polge has made a keeper. This is spicy and woody but with quiet creamy almost-floral notes of myrtle, mixed with bergamot, white leather, coffee and cedar. Subtle and chic. Valentino Uomo Edition Noire EDT, $98 (100 ml),

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