Home fragrances for cocooning and entertaining

Home fragrances for cocooning and entertaining

By Adriana Ermter

Perfuming your home with candles, diffusers, oils and sprays can have a mood-altering effect. Here’s how to create a little ambiance with scent, whether you’re prepping for a candlelit dinner for two, a girls’ night in, Zen-time alone or a game night with friends.

Scent is a great mood maker. Try subtle, sultry fragrance and an all-white — but sparkling — table setting for a romantic dinner.

Use sultry fragrance within an all-white, but sparkling, setting to create a romantic-dinner mood.

Create a romantic, candlelit evening for two
Use: Tantra Sensuous Diffuser Blend with the Aroma Geni, from $20 to $50, www.Saje.ca
Scent: Like the name suggests, this blend of essential oils is exotic and seductive and can’t be contained as it floats up from the genie’s bubbling water and into the air. Spicy cinnamon, sensuous neroli and tangy orange are swirled into a fruity and floral champa – a flirtatious aphrodisiac that, if rumour is right, will tickle your erogenous zones.
PHOTO: www.psbuzz.com

Girls night calls for indulgences fiercely femme: Pink bubbly and fresh-notes scents.

Girls Night In calls for indulgences fiercely femme: Pink bubbly and springtime-floral scents suit the scene.

Set the mood for a fun-filled girls’ night in
Use: Pacifica Beauty French Lilac Reed Diffuser, $17, www.well.ca
Scent: Airy and light, this true-to-the-lilac-bud scent wafts a feeling of springtime hope into the room. It is pretty and floral and conjures images of garden parties and pastel dresses – the perfect counterpart to girls’ night in, even when you’re wearing your Lulus. Our favourite part: like our BFF: these scented sticks are never overpowering, yet possess a feminine presence.
PHOTO: www.theglitterguide.com

A scent for Game Night in with friends: Tory Burch scented candle.

Tory Burch’s candle (with citrus, floral and woody notes) will have everyone enjoying a spirited game night in with friends.

Prep for game night with friends with scent
Use: The Tory Burch Home Candle, $72, www.Sephora.com
Scent: Bold, bright and super chic, the designer’s signature scent is complex so, like many a talented sports player, has an intriguing way of keeping you guessing. Invigorating, citrus notes of grapefruit, bergamot and neroli meet a decadent, heady blend of peony, jasmine and tuberose before settling into an earthy, warm vetiver and sandalwood base.
PHOTO: www.blueorangegames.com.

Slow down, breathe. Look to   the calm-inducing power from lavender to help decompress.

Slow down, breathe. Look to the calm-inducing power of lavender to help you wind down and decompress.

Inspire a little calm, for one 
Use: Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Home Fragrance, $19, www.Crabtree-Evelyn.ca
Scent: Dial down to Zen. Renowned for its calming and healing effects, lavender is the perfect ingredient to fill any room where meditation is the mission or napping is the desired outcome. This lavender-based spritz is mixed with notes of sweet violet, jasmine, warm tonka bean and musk and a hint of zesty lemon for a peaceful finish.
PHOTO: www.wallpaperup.com

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