Gold perfumes, a touch of luxury

Gold perfumes, a touch of luxury

Luxury and perfume go hand-in-hand, so it should come as no surprise that despite gold having no discernible scent, it’s perfume’s new muse.

What comes to mind when you think “gold”? Money, wealth, power? Wedding bands? What about tanned skin or a sandy beach? Midas? Your Grandfather’s signet ring?

Gold conjures all sorts of images, but they often revolve around luxury—whether it be the luxury of time, tradition or money. The many perfumes that have invoked gold—either in name or image—are as varied as our perception of gold itself, but they too all speak to luxury.

True to form, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jay-Z have brazenly used the name itself to market their fragrance, referencing the power (and flash) that a gold-jewellery-laden celebrity can wield. Paco Rabanne with its One Million and Lady Million fragrances also uses the gilded hue for its packaging—a much more opulent choice than the green of money. The one flacon even comes in the shape of a gold bar!

Below you’ll find a couple of the metallic-inspired perfumes that have been on our minds recently—the ones we’d give a gold star to, let’s say.

Pick your metal: white, yellow or rose gold

The latest scent lineup from Michael Kors is a trio of gold-encased perfumes that offer up a jewellery-inspired take on perfume packaging.

MK Gold CollectionMichael Kors White Luminous Gold has notes of pear, jasmine and amber making this a light, white fragrance with a warm base—classic, modern and understated. This is the white gold of wedding bands, and delicate silver bangles.

Kors’ next, 24K Brilliant Gold, is warmer and richer, with big florals, woods, and orange. The diva of the group for sure—this is the gold of statement necklaces and MK watches.

The third, Rose Radiant Gold, is predictably the most feminine of the bunch, but also the most fun—sparkling fruits, florals and musks make this the most youthful spritz of the three; perfect for pairing with stacked rings and an arm party.

Perhaps the real test is to see if your gold preference matches your scent choice—my predilection for white gold seems to be matched in my preference for the White Luminous Gold spritz.

Michael Kors White Luminous Gold, 24K Brilliant Gold and Rose Radiant Gold EDP, $107 (100 ml) each,

Golden scents, new money

Part of Commodity’s White Collection (scents meant to be light and airy), Gold is actually quite rich and warm. Its notes include juniper berries, camphor, amber, vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla and musk. The scent is described as a gourmand—but think vanilla and chocolate instead of candy and sugar. The inspiration? Money, if it lived in liquid form. This is luxe and elegant and capable of lifting your mood.

Commodity Gold EDP, $120 (100 ml),


ateliercologneIn fine gilded style

It may not be new but Atelier Cologne Gold Leather is definitely a scent for fall. This cologne speaks to an old-school elegant, European expression of luxury—the best raw materials and the finest textiles make for a subtle but weighty expression of wealth. Think old money.

The scent is substantial, though top notes of bitter orange, saffron and Jamaican rum allow for a kick of spice to liven things up. The heart of plum, davana and eucalyptus add an aromatic and earthy quality while base notes of gaiac wood, cedarwood, leather and oud add warmth and depth to this cologne. This is the gold of a heavy paperweight or an expensive pen—impressive, but not flashy.

Atelier Cologne Gold Leather, $205 (100 ml),

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