Gorgeous and green fragrances

Gorgeous and green fragrances

By Deborah Fulsang

Close your eyes and think of a field of clover—whether four-leafed or not—and transport yourself to a pastoral place of calm. Or imagine a Mediterranean hideaway, the air scented with cypress and green grasses waving on a coastal breeze.

That’s the beauty of a green fragrance: The best of them are fresh and pleasantly sharp, and can invigorate but also soothe the soul.

So green. For men and women both. We think of mysterious, resinous galbanum and all manner of green notes, from sparkling vetiver and earthy green tea to cedar evergreens and the essence of just-cut grass.

There’s freshness and simplicity in the best of perfumery’s green fragrances. They seem to cleanse one’s mind as much as primp the body.



Take Chanel’s Bel Respiro, named for Madame’s vacation getaway. The scent, like the house that Coco bought in 1920, gives up sparkling, vegetable and zesty herbal notes—thyme, basil. It’s sharp and almost bitter, but in a good way; spicy but cool. Chanel Les Exclusifs Chanel Bel Respiro EDT, $180 (75 ml), www.chanel.com





Where Chanel Bel Respiro is green and sharp, Byredo Green is green and warm. Company founder Ben Gorham explains that this fragrance expresses the green-noted memory of his father. Sexy, more earthy with top notes of sage and petit grain, this spritz has a floral heart with violet, musk and tonka base notes. Byredo Parfums Green EDP, $235 (100 ml), www.holtrenfrew.com




Then of course, Paco Rabanne Pour Homme. This green fragrance debuted in 1973 and was a gateway for that era’s green-loving attitude with its fern-inspired centre and herbal essences (bergamot, lavender, thyme, rosemary blooms and tarragon). Paco Rabanne EDT, $78 (100 ml), www.pacorabanne.com; www.thebay.com

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The more recent appearance of Posh On The Green from The Contemporary Collection of Atkinsons London 1799 will also please those seeking a breath of green-scented air. This sparkling cologne, aptly described by its makers as “preppy chic”, aims to pay homage to the great manicured lawns of Britain—to Wimbledon’s grass courts and the iconic green cricket fields. It’s a mix of coriander and petit grain with galbanum, geranium, vetiver and cedar. Atkinsons London Posh On The Green EDT $240 (100 ml), www.atkinsons1799.com; at Holt Renfrew stores




And the last (but definitely not least) in our quintet of recommended green scents: Maison Margiela Untitled. With its labdanum bite alongside jasmine, bitter orange and musk, this is a chic but unusual fragrance both glam and unconventional. Maison Margiela Untitled EDP, $115 (50 ml), www.thebay.com

What better way to get into a spring spirit than spritzing something green?

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