A fragrance chat with Gracie Carroll of The Chic Canuck

A fragrance chat with Gracie Carroll of The Chic Canuck

Gracie Carroll has worked at fashion publications on both sides of the Atlantic (Teen Vogue and Elle UK) and recently found herself travelling around Lisbon and Paris, but, she’s Canadian through and though. Based in Toronto, Carroll has  an online shop, The Chic Canuck, dedicated to showcasing Canadian talent and, of course, great style—something Carroll knows a thing or two about. With a keen eye for cute details, and an appreciation of everything Canadianna, she is also a Localist at Large for Flare Magazine. She let us in on some of her fragrance favourites in our Q&A.

THE WHALE & THE ROSE: What is your favourite scent memory of childhood?
GRACIE CARROLL: If we’re talking perfume, I’d say my mom’s Issey Miyake scent.

Q: What was the first fragrance you bought yourself and why did you buy it?
CARROLL: I think it was Sui Dreams by Anna Sui. I loved the smell—which was mainly vanilla, still one of my favourite scents—and especially the bottle, which was shaped like a little purse! I still think it’s a fun one, and still have a bottle somewhere. It’s a little hard to wear now because it always reminds me of high school.

Q: What does your favourite fragrance say about your personality?
CARROLL: Perhaps that I’m a girly girl and a tomboy in one.

Q: What makes you notice a fragrance?
CARROLL: The design of the bottle first and foremost. I really love design and packaging so the design of the bottle has a huge impact on my purchase. Then the complexity and sophistication of the scent. The whole experience needs to be special—from the scent to the packaging.

Q: How many fragrances you own?
CARROLL: Too many! Probably at least 30 different ones right now.

Q: How many fragrances do you regularly wear?
CARROLL: I go through different cycles and generally wear one at a time until I switch to another. I guess you could say it changes based on the season, or my mood! Right now I’m wearing a lot of fragrances by Marc Jacobs. This is a brand with great packaging. They stand out in my bedroom and bathroom and add a little something to the decor.

Q: What do you smell like?
CARROLL: A perfume that’s light and slightly floral but also has a hint of something darker, and more masculine, such as tobacco.

Q: Who is the best smelling person you’ve ever met, and what did they smell like?
CARROLL: My friend Brooke is essentially a perfume connoisseur and her signature scent is just amazing! Even though everyone always asks, she refuses to tell anyone what she wears. I think it might be some kind of concoction she’s created. I always try to spy around her house to figure out what it is, but it never works. There’s something very unique about her scent—it’s equally masculine and feminine, which I love.

Q: If you could bottle the scent of a favourite place/city/memory/moment what would it be and please describe the smell.
CARROLL: Central Park in May…it would smell like cherry blossoms! I’d also love to be able to bottle the moment you realize you’ve fallen in love. What would it smell like, I wonder…?

Q: How important is fragrance to your life, to your sense of style?
CARROLL: I wear perfume on most days. To me, it’s the finishing touch to any outfit.

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