Great smelling men’s products for the fragrance-averse

Great smelling men’s products for the fragrance-averse

By Alexandra Donaldson

While we strongly believe that there is a scent for everyone, not everyone is as keen to wear perfume or cologne as we are. Especially men.

Men seem more adverse to beauty (shall we say “grooming”) maintenance regardless—never mind perfuming themselves before walking out the door. It seems obvious that women have always had an attachment to perfume, but even though the men’s fragrance industry might not be as established, men have long been perfuming themselves—whether intentionally or not. Many modern-day men have been loyal to their fragrant deodorants and aftershave lotions for eons. Long before they made the move to apply a bonafide eau de cologne.

When the world of fragrance opens up, you realize scent is everywhere: The trace of peppermint in your soap, the citrusy smell of your laundry detergent.

For those of us who wear perfume, we often spend a great deal of time, energy and money figuring out exactly what we want to smell like. The same care and detail should go into one’s grooming products because these scents—and their combined olfactory personality—can make as powerful a style statement as the latest designer spritz. Even if you think you’re the “I don’t wear cologne” type.

Knowing that most men are not interested in smelling like flowers, powders or fruits, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite scented grooming products that favour earthy, energizing and green notes that Dad will definitely approve of. Yes, these could be part of a great Father’s Day Gift.

So whether you’re looking for yourself or looking to trick your cologne-averse partner into smelling, well, better, you can’t go wrong with these great smelling men’s products—or rather, these great smelling products that work for everyone.


Although many women avoid bar soap like the plague (we’ve learned too much about old-school soap’s drying properties) this is often the cleanser of choice for men. (And really, with rich oil-laced artisan and handcrafted bar soap becoming more popular, it might be time to reevaluate our aversion anyway.) This aromatherapy soap from Trinitae  is scented with lemongrass and neroli making it a bright and invigorating wash. He’ll just appreciate that he smells great.
Trinitae Lemongrass & Neroli Aromatherpy Bar Soap, $8,

Saje Natural Wellness is known for its essential oils, but it also has a men’s line called Peaceful Warrior. Peaceful Warrior includes an aftershave toner, moisturizer and deodorant with notes of sandalwood, lime, vetiver and patchouli. These earthy, green scents will enhance your man’s natural skin smell instead of masking it.
Saje Peaceful Warrior with Sandalwood, $20,

Read our interview with Saje Natural Wellness co-founder Kate LeBlanc.

Burt’s Bees’ Fabulously Fresh Peppermint & Rosemary Body Wash is a minty burst of scent—perfect to wake you up in your morning shower (this author relies on the deep inhale of peppermint as much as her morning coffee). Without flowery smells or synthetic ingredients, this body wash keeps you feeling and smelling fresh all day. Surprisingly potent in the shower, the scent fades into the background making it an ideal base for layering on a fresh green perfume. And of course it’s a great subtle scent all on its own too.
Burt’s Bees Peppermint & Rosemary Body Wash, $10,

Old Spice is a Dad classic, and for good reason. We love that its stick deodorants have updated scents like Timber and Amber which are part of Old Spice’s Fresher Collection. Amber is scented with black currant and is warm and slightly sweet—in an earthy instead of a saccharine way. Give Dad’s Old Spice wardrobe an update with a new classic from this lineup.
Old Spice Amber Deodorant, $8,

Stinging aftershave is a thing of the past—or at least it should be. This post-shave cooling gel with aloe, sage and lavender is subtly scented so it won’t overpower. Instead, it offers a great cool down for your face post-shave thanks to the aloe, while sage and lavender offer a quietly aromatic scent.
Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel, $20,

Does your Dad wear cologne? Why not try one of these new scents.


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