Gucci Bloom review: A wild and lush floral perfume

Gucci Bloom review: A wild and lush floral perfume

Even our flower-averse editor can get behind the new Gucci Bloom perfume

If you have any interest in fashion at all, then you know Gucci has been killing it lately. Everyone wants a pair of Gucci loafers and the pattern play in recent collections has been an off-the-charts antidote to the normcore and minimalism that have dominated in recent seasons. The brand’s current popularity is thanks in large part to the designs of Alessandro Michele, creative director since early 2015. Michele’s latest project for the fashion house has been to release a perfume, which lucky for you comes out this month. The best news? It’s much more accessibly priced than those Gucci loafers.

Gucci Bloom was not only created under the direction of Michele, but he directly collaborated with perfumer Alberto Morillas on the scent, making this a joint venture between the two. To nobody’s surprise (at least if you’ve taken a look at the prints in recent collections), the fragrance is floral—but definitely not for wallflowers.

The Gucci Bloom perfume

At first sniff this is a very flowery perfume, leaning dangerously close to “old lady” perfume territory. But give it a second and you’ll find a surprisingly modern floral scent. Even this flower-averse perfume wearer could get behind this fragrance. The reason why has to do with the sharp but not cloying powdery touch (thanks to a first in perfumery, the flower Rangoon Creeper found in India) and the lushness that comes from a very green and woody base of orris root. Gucci Bloom leaves a more wild and free-spirited than many other floral fragrances. Think stumbling upon a patch of flowers in the jungle or catching a whiff or wildflowers in a field.

If the brand name hasn’t already sealed massive sales for this scent, the fragrance and packaging itself will do the trick. In a shocking display of restraint, the pale, retro pink bottle is minimalist and sleek. Though it comes in a box of deep red, vintage wallpaper-inspired floral patterning, at once both interesting and timeless. Sealing the deal is the campaign. Shot by Glen Luchford in New York City includes Dakota Johnson, Petra Collins and Hari Nef and definitely captures the lush flower power of the fragrance.

Our prediction? This is going to be a big perfume for the fashion house. Gucci-loving women everywhere will flock to stores to pick up the scent. But beyond that initial first-purchase-got-to-have-it feeling, this is a scent that just might stand the test of time too. It’s au courant while also having a timeless vibe to it, which will likely give it repeat purchases.

Congratulations Gucci, this one’s a winner.

Gucci Bloom, $154 (100 ml),

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