Guess 1981: A perfume to celebrate a 35th birthday

Guess 1981: A perfume to celebrate a 35th birthday

The new Guess 1981 perfume is a welcome surprise to celebrate the brand’s 35th birthday

The perfume, named for the year fashion brand Guess was founded, is called Guess 1981. A party was thrown to celebrate the launch and Guess girl Emma Stern (who appears in the campaign) appeared alongside other models and influencers at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles in mid-March.

The campaign

Emma Stern is definitely a Guess girl. Blond and tanned with that California-girl-meets-model-pinup vibe. Is anyone else getting Claudia Schiffer vibes? Staying true to Guess’ heritage the ads are stunning.

The perfume

According to and senior perfumer at Givaudan, Stephen J. Nilsen, the brand wanted something a little different from other Guess perfumes. “Something elevated and authentic, really harkening back to the California lifestyle, accessible to everybody and youthful but not young.”

The scent includes florals, musk, amber and sandalwood for a more woody scent then we expected from the brand. The bottle design is more minimalist too, with simple lines, silver hardware and a niche vibe. The juice is pink (millennial pink?) which is more in line with the brand’s ethos: Flirty and feminine pieces with a touch of retro-supermodel feelings.
Guess 1981, $60 (50 ml),

Let us know in the commends—will you be checking out the new eau?

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