Hair Perfume: The latest from Chanel, Fekkai and Byredo

Hair Perfume: The latest from Chanel, Fekkai and Byredo

By Alexandra Donaldson

My hair has always been a sponge for scent. In high school this meant that no matter where I was, the lingering smell of Tim Horton’s coffee (from my part-time job there) and cigarette smoke (my friends) clung to my hair and followed me wherever I went. So when news of hair perfume reached my adult ears, I lamented the fact that I didn’t know of it as a teen—it would have saved many strained cigarette-related conversations with my mother.

Of course, hair perfume is not meant to hide teenage indiscretions. Instead, it’s the perfect antidote to the current hair trend of less is more—less styling, less shampooing, less fussing. It might sound counter-intuitive, but if you’re only washing your hair once or twice a week, then that fresh-washed, shampoo smell isn’t likely to last until your next wash—especially when your porous hair picks up the not-so-great scents of daily living (pollution, cigarettes, coffee).

Enter hair fragrance. Although the concept isn’t brand new, big and influential brands are getting in on the action.

The beauty of hair perfume is that it’s the perfect mid-week pick-me-up: They can be used as liberally or judiciously as you like, and can be reapplied without fear of saturating your hair with product. Sometimes adding a fresh spritz is all you need to feel ready in the morning—whether it’s on your wrist or your mane.

You might ask why not just spritz your existing fragrance into your hair? We wouldn’t. Most fragrances include alcohol, an ingredient that doesn’t mix well with hair, especially of the dry or colour-treated variety. Hair perfumes are lighter and are often formulated with specific oils and ingredients to help prevent dryness—some even actively nourish your hair!

Here are our picks from the latest in hair perfume:


“People are more experimental today, applying fragrances in various forms. At Byredo, our focus has been very much on the smells, now we want to focus on innovative ways to apply perfume.” So says Ben Gorham of Byredo, who launched hair perfume this spring. The new fragrance delivery system is available in three of the brand’s most popular scents—Bal D’Afrique, Blanche and Gypsy Water. Each hair fragrance combines one of Byredo’s scents with a silicone and polymer formula that veils the hair in fragrant nourishment. Amplified by the movement of the hair, expect to experience wafts of subtle scent throughout the day.
Byredo Hair Perfume, $54 (75 ml), www.holtrenfrew.comFekkai Hair Fragrance Collection

Although celebrity hair stylist Frederic Fekkai (who has become a celeb himself) doesn’t come from a fragrance background, he does know hair. Say hello to new product for fragrancing your follicles, Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist Collection. Acting as both a fragrance and a finish for the hair, each of these Fekkai spritzes—there are three—is inspired by a specific Fekkai line and its signature scent, and combats issues such as frizz and flyaways. For example, the Rose Fraiche Hair Fragrance was inspired by the Fekkai Technician Colour Care Collection and uses those same soft, floral notes in the hair mist.
Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist Collection, $28 (50 ml),


Chanel Chance
Chanel, master of perfumery, focuses on incredible fragrances with which to scent your hair. The Chance collection of perfumes—three colours, three scents—are tied together with a heart of feminine jasmine and feature a protective formula that delicately scents your hair without drying it. The petite size is perfect for throwing in your bag and using throughout the day too—we think it will be particularly useful after the gym or as a fresh pick-me-up between work and dinner. Whatever your choice, spritz on your hair, or spray on your brush to bring a luxurious whisper of Chanel to your everyday routine
Chanel Chance Hair Mist, $52 (35 ml),,

Feature Image c/o Chanel

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