Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day

By Alexandra Donaldson

Canada smells good. To us, our country smells of campfire and pine needles, and of the great outdoors—the fresh foliage of spring, the hot haze of summer, the autumn’s rainbow leaves and winter’s first frost. These scents perfume our favourite Canadian memories. After all Canada, and its many seasons, is as varied as the people who inhabit this land.

With the loon as our early morning wake-up call and thick mist coming off the summertime lake, we can’t help but think of Northern Ontario and Muskoka, Lake Louise and Banff National Park.

Though not everyone can head into the Canadian wilderness for the day, one can still celebrate with a pine-scented candle, a beauty pick-me-up or a classic cocktail—laced with the sweet and distinctive scent of maple syrup of course.

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Can’t make it to Muskoka? Grab this scented candle from Indigo to transport you there. The pine forest scent will place you in the green landscape that we love so dearly—even from the comfort of your city abode. With other scents like Sugar Bush Maple Syrup and Lake Louise Breeze available in the range, you can be sure to find something that appeals to your all-Canadian nostalgia.

Muskoka Pine Forest scented candle, $30, www.chapters.indigo.ca


For more great green scents, make sure to read up on our favourite green perfumes from this year.


If celebrating with a cocktail or two this Canada Day, why not try a Canadian whisky made even more holiday-appropriate with maple syrup notes. We recommend a “Canadian Coffee” or a “Muskoka Maple“. This Crown Royal Maple Finished Whisky has aromas of caramel, maple syrup and rich baking spices—the perfect toast to Canada’s birthday, though you can enjoy it all summer long and well into the fall and winter.

Crown Royal Maple Finished Whisky, $30, www.lcbo.com

Got love for maple? Us too! Read more about it here.


il_570xN.550058737_a5umSWEETLY PAMPERED

Having a me-day this Canada Day? We recommend truly embracing the Great White North. Smells Like Canada is a company after our own heart—exploring the link between emotion and scent while being inspired by the places and towns that make Canada so distinct. Try its salve, which is made with refined shea butter and is an intense moisturizer. We’re apt to recommend the “Toronto Smoke” scent, with notes of cinnamon, tobacco smoke and cherry, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy summer (and Canada Day) pampered and relaxed.

Smells Like Canada Toronto Smoke Salve, $22, www.smellslikecanada.com

See what our readers thought Canada smelled like last year—and don’t forget to tell us what Canada smells like to you! 

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Alexandra Donaldson is the editorial assistant at The Whale & The Rose and a freelance writer and content creator. Although she recently took up yoga in an effort to be a healthy adult, she still binge-watches cartoons on a regular basis and dreams of running away to a cottage in the woods. She has yet to nail down her favourite perfume, but knows that it smells green, earthy and maybe a little bit spicy, but definitely not sweet.