Happy New Year! Happy Horoscope!

Happy New Year! Happy Horoscope!

Happy New Year!

We’re excited to start 2013 off on a wonderful note with the launch of our new Horoscope section. If you, like us, are as devoted to your astrology as your eaux, we hope you’ll find the feature insightful and informative—and fun!

Find out what the stars will bring, thanks to Canadian astrologer Georgia Nicols. And to suit her forecasts, our stars-and-scent-loving writer Jill Dunn tailors a fragrance choice just for you, whatever your fire, water, earth or air sign.

As for me, a heart-and-soul Pisces with a weakness for orientals and chypres, the suggestion of warm and spicy Jo Malone London Nutmeg & Ginger Cologne seems absolutely apropos to ground me in what Nicols sees as two months of joy at home and a little redecorating and real estate dabbling.
Deborah Fulsang

Read on for your January-February horoscope…

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