QUESTION: What is your favourite fragrance?
LISA TANT: I don’t have one favourite—that would be like choosing my favourite pair of shoes! I have a wardrobe of scents to wear depending upon my mood. Currently, I love Calvin Klein Beauty, Balenciaga Essence and Marc Jacobs Lola.

Q: How long have you been wearing them?
TANT: The past year or so. I like to wear new scents. I am looking forward to trying Givenchy’s Dahlia Noir.

I love wearing scents that remind me of a certain place or time. I’ve interviewed Nicolas Ghesquiere for both of Balenciaga’s fragrance launches so I think about our fantastic conversations when I spritz on Essence. He’s very warm and friendly, and gives incredibly thoughtful responses.

Q: Some people feel like they’re not fully dressed in the morning until they put on their fragrance. How important is fragrance to you?
TANT: I wear fragrance every day.  I have for years.

Q: How and where on your body do you apply it?
TANT: I spritz the scent and then walk into it. I never spray it directly on my skin.

Q: What is the first fragrance you ever wore and how did you come to wear it?
TANT: I use to steal dabs of my Mum’s fragrance. I can’t remember what it was called. It came in a very glamourous bottle with a furry, tiger-striped stopper. I thought I was being so secretive but I’m sure she could smell it on me. I wasn’t subtle with my application. After that, I likely wore Love’s Baby Soft.

Q: Favourite fragrance moment?
TANT: I actually don’t have an acute sense of smell (lazy nose I think) but I do have a fragrance [story] that I’d be happy to share.

One of the most thrilling moments in my life was at a dinner with Madonna during last year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Her first fragrance, Truth or Dare, was still very hush-hush. I managed to hear (okay, I eavesdropped) Madonna talking to The Bay’s Shelley Rozenwald about it. Ever the beauty editor, I butted into the conversation and asked Madonna what notes were in her scent.

She zipped open her clutch, pulled out a mini tester and grabbed my arm. As she spritzed it, she told me about the gardenias she loved so much. I loved it—although I would have loved even a spritz of Lysol at that moment. I told her that the scent reminded me of W.E. (the movie that she directed which I had just seen)—sensual, chic, a little dangerous.

After that we talked for an hour over dinner. It was just like catching up with a high-school girlfriend. Except she’s the celebrity right at the pinnacle of my most-adored list. Bucket list check!

Lisa Tant, a veteran in the Canadian fashion and media industries, is publisher of Hello Canada, www.hellomagazine.ca


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