H&M Conscious Collection includes perfume

H&M Conscious Collection includes perfume

The new H&M Conscious Collection hits stores on April 20, 2017—and with it, three new sustainable perfumes.

You’ve probably seen the photos by now. The new clothes from H&M Conscious Collection look good. That sequinned pink dress! The ruffles! Even those great block heel shoes! But we were delightfully surprised when we discovered that the brand would also be including three new scents.

But first, a note about the brand’s commitment to sustainability

H&M is one of the few large retailers making a serious commitment to a more sustainable fashion future. (In fact, you can read about it in a PDF on the brand’s website.) Here’s a snippet: “We are currently working to update our sustain­ability strategy. To begin with, we have set the vision to become 100% circular. By including only recycled or other sustainably sourced materials in our production, we will exhibit a circular approach to how products are made and used.” And in case you thought sustainable means that you might have to sacrifice style, H&M is here to prove you wrong. There’s a dress made entirely from BIONIC®—a polyester made of recycled shoreline waste—and earrings made from recycled glass and plastic.

But what about the perfume?

The brand isn’t entirely new to perfume (we wrote about it before here and here). But, for the first time, the H&M Conscious Collection will include perfume—a set of unisex ecological oils that are designed to be worn alone or layered together. And according to Bustle, the H&M Perfume Oils have been independently certified as organic by Ecocert.

You’ll get to choose from three different scents. Rouge Pivoine (peony and rose), Lemon Amour (lemongrass and bergamot) and Vert Douce (green leaves and sweet orange) when the collection drops on April 20. We can’t wait to get our hands on these to do a smell test!

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