Home fragrances for the holidays

Home fragrances for the holidays

The menu is planned. You’ve bought the turkey, the flowers, and a pretty dress too. Now you need a home fragrance with soul-satisfying scents. Buy a nebulizer.

When the temperatures dip, we start to nest. We cozy up in front of the fire or with a blanket and start to really enjoy our homes. While summer brings patios and parks, fall celebrates the kitchen and the family room. We eschew bars in favour of our own sofas. And we start to focus on our cocooning, and of course perfuming it with wonderful autumn smells.

he_nebulizers_aromaom_nebulizer__222569-1Invest in a nebulizer. A what?

Saje Natural Wellness wants to help you scent your private oasis. This is why it’s designed nebulizers, which are fragrance diffusers that use the healing and restorative qualities of essential oils to scent your home.

Essential oils are potent. Not only do they smell good, but they pack a serious wellness punch. Known for affecting your mood and stress levels, they can also physically relax you, purify the air around you and work to alleviate all sorts of illnesses.

While I’m also a fan of a room diffusers, nebulizers take room fragrance up a notch. Because the scent is being actively pushed into the air (instead of travelling up a reed diffuser) you notice the scent more, and it is able to fill a room more effectively, therefore reaping the rewards of the essential oils is that much more pronounced.

After using a nebulizer in my bedroom for the past month, I’m hooked. My Saje nebulizer—and the brand’s  Tranquility essential oil blend, which is tailored for the diffuser, helps me fall asleep. I’d even say that it has transformed my bedroom into a calm and relaxing space, no matter what else is going on in my home or my life.

To use, simply add a couple drops of your chosen diffuser blend into the nebulizer which has been filled with water. Then turn it on and feel the difference. The nebulizer releases an essential oil mist, with your chosen scent being noticed immediately. The room becomes fresher, less stuffy, and smells amazing without being overpowering. You can tailor the amount of essential oils to suit your own personal taste so that you aren’t over or underwhelmed by the scent, and can time the product to release consistently for three hours or every thirty seconds for 6 hours. The machine will automatically turn off when the time period is up, or when the device is low on water.
AromaOm Ultrasonic Nebulizer, $90, www.saje.com

Create a festive mood for Thanksgiving or a fall dinner party

Think holistically when it comes to scenting your home for the long weekend. You’ve bought flowers for the table and the turkey is in the oven, perfuming the house with all of of those wonderful herbs and roasting vegetable smells. Add a nebulizer in an adjoining room—or even your entranceway. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving or an autumn dinner party, or simply having friends over for drinks, there’s a Saje blend that will perfectly set the mood, encourage warm feelings and a thankful attitude.

House Warming Diffuser Blend
This blend, with vanilla essential oil combined with cinnamon, orange and frankincense, creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Great for a warm, homey gathering, whether you have a hearth or not. House Warming Diffuser Blend, $17 (10 ml).

Celebrate Diffuser Blend
Citrus essential oils mix with cinnamon and cloves for an aroma that comforts and buoys the spirits. If you’re playing host on a dreary day, these notes will have guests quickly forgetting their miserable commute. Celebrate Diffuser Blend, $16 (10 ml).

Gratitude Diffuser Blend
A peaceful blend—perfect for the spirit of thankfulness. Orange and vanilla mingle with spearmint and black pepper for an earthy gratitude. Before sitting down to a Thanksgiving feast, scent your space with this blend and enjoy pre-dinner drinks and appetizers. Everyone will remember what they’re truly thankful for. Gratitude Diffuser Blend, $15 (10 ml).

Tree Scents Diffuser Blend
Perhaps you’re looking to bring the outdoors in? This holiday blend includes pine, cypress and cedarwood for a clarifying and refreshing scent. This blend will undoubtedly please guests, but we recommend enjoying it solo too, curled up with lots of cushions while daydreaming about that picturesque log cabin in the woods. Tree Scents Diffuser Blend, $15 (10 ml).

All essential oil blends, Saje Natural Wellness, www.saje.com 

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