Home fragrance: A handy how-to

Home fragrance: A handy how-to

A spa-like bathroom, a cozy good-vibe smelling livingroom: Every room in your home is unique, and each deserves its own scent, writes Adriana Ermter.

This past spring on the cusp of summer, I moved into a new condo. And while the upstairs closet demanded a makeover that didn’t include my rolling rack, and stacks of boxes and shoes filled the living room, I didn’t care. Sandals and flowing dresses made getting dressed and out of the house easy. As for time spent inside, well, that was all about sleep. I barely noticed the clutter.

Now that fall’s crisp cool breezes are wafting through my screen door and couch time with friends and a bottle of cabernet sauvignon has replaced patios and a glass of White Cliff sauv blanc, I’m re-focusing on organization and creating good vibrations inside. Naturally, this includes scenting each room. After all, home is where we’ll all be spending the next six months. Here’s how to create the right fragrant mood, accordingly.[/tps_header]

Create a spa-like bathroom

This is where function and inspiration meet. Clean and sleek, it’s also the room with the best lighting and the most products. Adding scented soaps here is the right choice as these liquid and/or bar options won’t take up unnecessary space and will create a spa-like sense of vitality and cleanliness that is lovely and not overpowering. I like Bliss Lemon + Sage Soapy Suds for its citrus, herbal scent and Dermalogica Clean Bar for its spa-like infusion of tea tree and lavender.
inline_blissBliss Lemon + Sage Soapy Suds, $19, www.sephora.com
Dermalogica Clean Bar, $27.50, www.dermalogca.ca

Choose aromatics for the kitchen

The hub of every home, this is where family and friends inevitably congregate. It’s where food is made and served and all smells linger—the good, the delicious and also last night’s salmon dinner. Perfumed oils are concentrated, so using them in a diffuser is a great way to eliminate unwanted odours, while creating an inviting space. I like The Body Shop’s warm, fruity and juicy Home Fragrance Oils in Pomegranate Raspberry and Strawberry Home.
inline_thebodyshopThe Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils in Pomegranate Raspberry and Strawberry, $6 each, www.thebodyshop.ca

Focus on a good-vibe smelling livingroom

A catch-all space for Madame Secretary binge sessions, cozy one-on-one banter and hours-long girls’ nights: Here, fragrance works best when it’s the complimentary, not dominant presence in the room. Diffusers with their ability to mist natural essential oils into the air are optimal as they provide a light, friendly, feel-good vibe. I love the Saje Natural Wellness Brainstorm Diffuser Blend Collection with its four aptly named uplifting, soothing, exhilarating and refreshing scented oil blends: Energy, Exhale, Quick Study and Refresh.

Saje Natural Wellness Brainstorm Diffuser Blend Collection, $45, www.saje.ca

Setting a sultry mood in the bedroom

For most of us, when we’re not using this room as our sleep sanctuary, the bedroom is all about romance. And nothing sets the tone or makes us look better than candlelight. Candles featuring smooth, sultry scents provide the right ambient touch, putting you in a relaxed state of mind while their dim flicker adds a sense of warmth and intimacy. I can think of nothing better suited to this space than the Cannibas Santal scented candle from Fresh with its rich and sensual blend of patchouli, chocolate and cannabis notes.

Fresh Cannibas Santal candle, $72, www.sephora.com

In the guest room

Regardless of who’s spending the night, one thing’s certain: You want all of your guests to feel comfortable. A stylish host knows scent has the power to make one feel right at home—or better yet, feel one has escaped on a most exciting getaway. Perfumed wooden reeds are the long-lasting and low-maintenance choice for a well-appointment guest room; they’re equivalent to a bouquet of fresh flowers. (Of course, you can set your room up with both!) Tucked away on a shelf, the reeds’ fragrant oil is slowly and continuously released, ensuring the space always smells perfectly scented. A great option here is L’Occitane White Blossoms Home Diffuser Set and NEST Fragrances Blue Garden Reed Diffuser for its fresh and floral garden character.
inline_nestL’Occitane White Blossoms Home Diffuser Set, $44, www.loccitane.com
NEST Fragrances Blue Garden Reed Diffuser, $42, www.nestfragrances.com

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