I have no idea how I’m going to pick a wedding day perfume

I have no idea how I’m going to pick a wedding day perfume

Choosing a wedding day perfume isn’t something you should leave off your bridal to-do list.

Thinking about what perfume to wear on your wedding day is just one of many things to think about when planning a wedding. Hell, it’s one of many things to think about even in just the bridal beauty category. And it can be a challenge to figure out not only what scent you want to wear, but also what scent you’ll forever more associate with saying your I dos. Like most things bridal, that’s a bit of pressure.

This isn’t the first time we’ve covered wedding day perfume ground. We’ve asked experts like Aerin Lauder (business woman and granddaughter of Estee) and Alison McGill (editor-in-chief of Weddingbells Magazine). We’ve offered advice and we’ve even suggested working your spritz into your something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue items. And all of these are great starting points when thinking about the perfume you want to wear. But so far, they haven’t helped me decide what to wear to my own wedding later this summer.

Confession: I have no idea what my wedding day perfume will be.

I came to fragrance later than many. I don’t have a nostalgic high-school perfume and my scent memory isn’t full of my mother’s perfume (because she almost never wore any). To be completely honest, the first fragrance I fell in love with was the one my partner has always worn. But before that perfume wasn’t a big part of my life.

Of course, my interest grew (or else I wouldn’t be here). And I became much more interested in scent, especially how it related to memory and mood. I now know what category of scents I like, which ones I prefer for day or night, and which ones I would never wear. I also know which smells remind me of my partner, which ones remind me of home and which ones remind me of childhood. All important scent memories that I hope I’ll get to add to with the addition of a wedding day perfume memory.

Truth be told when I first thought about what perfume I would wear, I considered borrowing from the boys—literally. But seeing as how my guy is likely to want to wear his signature scent (Dior Eau Sauvage for those who want to know) on the day, I should probably pick something more individual, something all my own.

If, like me, you’re a bride-to-be who has no idea what your nuptial perfume will be, here are some things I’m keeping in mind when I get shopping for one.

I’m taking stock of my current favourites. I know that my perfume preferences lean towards green, earthy, citrus and aromatic. I’m not about to bust out the Flowerbomb the day I get married. (No disrespect to Flowerbomb.)

I’m thinking about what I like about my partner’s fragrance. I love the bitter-fresh and aromatic quality of Dior’s completely recognizable Eau Sauvage. When I think about what I want to wear, I know I also want it to have an element of fresh to it.

I’m considering the weather and the location. The weather will play a part in my late-August date. It’s likely to be hot. And getting married in a lush backyard means that there will be plenty of floral and earthy smells already present. I’m on the hunt for something that won’t add to the scent noise but instead strike a clear, crisp note.

I’m considering what I’m wearing. Boho beach brides and morning mass brides are probably after two different aesthetics—and likely will want two different scents to complement each scenario. Your dress or outfit can definitely help dictate what perfume you spritz. If you fell in love with a princess-style gown, chances are you’re going for something a bit more obviously feminine than the woman wearing a white suit to City Hall.

Though I have yet to find my wedding day perfume, I am on the hunt. It might seem like a small part of the wedding planning process (it definitely is). But I’m excited that whatever fragrance I pick will hold new memories. And if I’m lucky, in the future, just one whiff of that wedding day perfume will take me back to what will hopefully be a memorable day.

Let us know in the comments—what perfume did you wear on your wedding day?

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