Jane Daly, dalybeauty.ca

Jane Daly, dalybeauty.ca

By Ashley Kowalewski

Blogger Beauty Secrets Part V: Jane Daly of www.dalybeauty.ca@Daly_Beauty, shares her go-to scented products.

Favourite summer fragrance: “When the weather gets hot, I like my scents fresh and clean. I find most perfumes today quite strong, and so many smell the same. I often turn to the classics, and this summer the beautiful Dior Diorissimo has been in heavy rotation. It’s softly sweet lily of the valley scent, smells elegant, clean and never overwhelms in hot summer weather. My mother wore it years ago, so the nostaglic aspect adds sweetly scented memories.” Dior Diorissimo EDT, $107 (100 ml), www.thebay.com

Favourite scented body lotion: “I have always loved Jurlique’s beautiful rosewater, and their Rose Body Lotion is just as beautiful and smells just as rose-y. It moisturizes beautifully without being greasy, and leaves a soft glowy sheen and gentle scent on the skin. Perfect on legs in this sundress weather! The soft rose scent is soothing and calming. In aromatherapy, rose oil has aphrodisiac, relaxing and anti-depressant properties, and I often find myself reaching for rose because it makes me feel good, as well as smell good.” Jurlique Rose Body Cream, $16, www.jurlique.ca
Favourite soap:Dove Beauty Bar, always. Nothing makes my skin softer, or makes me feel cleaner like the classic scent of Dove. I use a shower puff to lather up—Dove soap makes lots of soft lather—and I use it head to toe. I even use it on my face with my Clarisonic!” Dove Beauty Bar, www.dove.ca 

Favourite cosmetic: “My favourite scented cosmetic will always be the Guerlain Les Météorites line. I always have Les Météorites Voyage powder compact in my purse with the matching brush; it’s an elegant classic. It has always been scented with the soft violet powder scent that I will forever associate with Guerlain. The best part is the slightly sweet heliotrope base that makes it uniquely Guerlain. There was a perfume with this scent, sadly discontinued. Guerlain, please bring it back!” Guerlain Les Météorites Voyage Exceptional Pressed Powder, $61, www.guerlain.com 

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