Jeremy Laing

Jeremy Laing

QUESTION: What is the first fragrance you ever wore and can you share how you came about wearing it?
LAING: I did a science fair project in the sixth grade where I distilled the essence of orange and created my own perfume.

Q: What is your favourite fragrance today?
LAING: Vetiver [46] by Le Labo.

Q: How long have you been wearing it?
LAING: Two years.

Q: Why do you love it?
LAING: It’s simple, clean, powerful but not oppressive.

Q: How does wearing this scent make you feel?
LAING: At first it makes me sneeze, then I forget about it and it becomes part my outfit.

Q: Some people feel like they’re not fully dressed in the morning until they put on their fragrance. How important is fragrance to you?
LAING: Fragrance is not very important to me on a daily basis. I only wear it if I’m getting properly dressed for an occasion.

Q: How and where on your body do you apply it?
LAING: I apply on the inside wrist, and then the sides of my neck.

Jeremy Laing is a Toronto-based fashion designer.


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