Jessica Chastain is the face of Ralph Lauren Woman

Award-winning actor and philanthropist Jessica Chastain is the new face of Ralph Lauren Woman.

Jessica Chastain is known for picking complex roles and delivering raw and multifaceted performances in her movies. But she’s also known for her killer, feminine red carpet style and her work with organizations like PETA and To Write Love on Her Arms, a suicide charity. New to the Ralph Lauren roster of fragrances, Woman is a combination of flowers and woods. “For me,” says Ralph Lauren, “Woman captures the very essence of modern femininity.” It makes sense then that the brand has chosen Chastain as its face.

The campaign, shot by photographer Steven Meisel (for print) and Philippe Le Sourd (for television) features Chastain in a simple black suit, and unbuttoned white shirt, mixing the masculinity of the garment with a feminine touch of skin. It’s straightforward (made even more so by Chastain’s gaze which is directly to the camera) and understated, but powerful.

The bottle mimics the notion of restrained elegance, with its more masculine square-ish shape and gold detailing. We can wait to shop this one.

Ralph Lauren WOMAN, $148 (100 ml),

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