Jet-set perfume and style according to Erin Kleinberg

Jet-set perfume and style according to Erin Kleinberg

Adriana Ermter chats perfume, career and fashion with the CEO and founder of Erin Kleinberg Inc. (EKI) and co-founder of The Coveteur.

The Job

In a nutshell: Designing ready- and easy-to-wear glamorously cool dresses, pants, tops and more. The best part: “seeing girls rocking my designs! It is totally and utterly gratifying when someone takes my sartorial point of view and makes it their own,” says Kleinberg.

The Travel

While EKI is 100 per cent made in Canada, Kleinberg’s line is retailed internationally, taking her to New York City and Los Angeles on a regular basis. “Last spring we shot our Look Book in Venice Beach, California which was pretty dope,” says Kleinberg.

The city of lights, bien sur! “During my Coveteur days, the Chanel team flew us over to Paris for a very unique experience to interview Uncle Karl (as we like to call him), visit Coco Chanel’s apartment and take a private tour of the ateliers,” says Kleinberg. “We totally got the royal Chanel treatment. And Hawaii à la Four Seasons for my honeymoon wasn’t too shabby, either.”

Balenciaga FlorabotanicaThe Perfume

“I love a little spritz of Florabotanica by Balenciaga,” says Kleinberg. “It is very fresh and floral with a hint of amber, which adds some opulence and spice to the fragrance. It is synonymous with an elegant night out and goes great with the Femme Tux, Theo Noir or Night with Hef from my Fall 2015 collection—they are my go-to evening looks.”

Also in her bag: miniature scented candles such as Diptyque’s Baies, Cire Trudon’s Odalisque and Le Labo’s Figue. “They are the best travel accessory: They spruce up a hotel room and make it feel more like home.”
Balenciaga Florabotanica, $100 (50 ml),

The Moment

“It was nine o’clock at night and I had just come back from a non-stop week in New York City when Mickey proposed to me,” says Kleinberg, laughing. “I spritzed some Florabotanica on before our friends came over so I wouldn’t have that I-just-came-home-from-summer-camp stench.”

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